Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just... you know.. forget it !

well..well..well.. i'm homeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
sooooooooo, today i went to tami's house because i'm too bored at home and then we both had lunch at her house (we ate McDonald's. and we used delivery service, of course.) and we talked about her activities and her BIG NEXT STEP with her fiance.
so, here's the chit chat...

ti : well.. why you went home, this is assessment week at UCLA right ?
ta: yaaaaa.. i noe. i've told my lectures that i can send my assessment paper from email and they said okay. no prob with it.
ti : nice.. i hope indonesia can used that system too.
ta: stop dreaming hahaha..
ti : well, how's your life on cali ?
ta: pretty bad, i can't catch up sometimes with my time.
ti : why ?
ta: danny often didn't wake me up so, you know.. i always late for my class!
ti : hahahaha.. i think you must buy new alarm, or maybe police alarm for sure.
ta: hah hah hah.. that's funny.
ti : okay.. stop that.. so.. what you gonna do with danny?? for the next step i mean..
ta: i dunno.. we used to live together.. breakfast..brunch sometimes.. all together. and i think we're unseparable..
ti : yeaa.. just look at your lindbrook manor's. isn't it fun doing that together?
ta: uh huh.. by the way.. he had talked to me about marriage.. i'm kinda happy but....
ti : WHAAAAAT??? CONGRATS!! but i think it was to early, wasn't it?
ta: ya, that's what i thought. i mean, we're still doing the same activities.. studying at college and doing fun together..
ti : are you ready for that? don't be offended, but this is the truth. you still often passed you 'feeding-stola' schedule.
ta: that's it! stola often passed by me. what about my baby?
ti : just forget it! you're still young, both of you. there's a lot of things to do and finish on time.
ta: well i think the same like you.. thank's for the advice :)
ti : you're welcome sist :)

then, i went home and she drove me home. that's it for today.

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