Wednesday, March 25, 2009

burst into tears..

i'm going to have something that can change my whole life. yes, it is.
it will change my mood, it will change my lifestyle, it will change my health, it will change EVERYTHING.
what i supposed to do? took back the time, then sitback, and acted like i didn't care that she needs help???
am i such that BASTARD??? in fact, i do care and i don't wanna see her suffered for long time.

so thanks for being a pain in my ass, and there's two words for you 'fuck it!!'

(see, is that sarcastic? am i doing that? thanks for making me a little bit relieved, dika... :'''''''''''''( )

Monday, March 23, 2009


monday march 23rd, 2009

it was started with a bright day and wavy-shaped skies. i loved it.
well, i didn't really sure that today would be sunny all day long. and what i guess was RIGHT.
it's kinda cloudy @ 2 p.m. and then it was started to be rainy about @ 3 p.m. it also changed my mood for studying, doing something, and blah..blah..blah.. all i wanted is SLEEP !!
ah, then i got to go to my lessons course. a little bit sucks, 'cause i'm out from school about @ 3.30 p.m.
i'm finally ended my 'fucking' exhausting day at 7 p.m. i'm so happy that i can be relaxed (although it's just about 1 hour and then i have to struggling again with my assignments)
but then my cellphone rang, '+6285697255*** calling..' i didn't know who's that, so i picked it up.

Me (M) : 'Hello?'
Unknown (U) : 'Hello.. is this tiza?'
M : 'yeaaaaa.. who's this? i'm kinda know this friendly voice..'
U : 'haaaaaa.. it's me, dika.'
(oh, by the way. dika is my lovely ex-bf best friend. he's also the one from a lot of people that i can trust.)
Dika (D) : 'errrrrrgh.. yeaaaaah it's me.. i think you're a little bit shocked, aren't you?'
M : 'yes, of course. i thought you're still in Germany..'
D : 'actually yes, but i'm kinda having "missing-indonesia" fever. so, i went home for 2 weeks..'
M : 'kyeeeewl.. i thought you'll forgot indonesia after you've landed on that filthy rich country..'
D : 'hahahahaha.. of course not. how can i forgot indonesia as fast like i eat indomie??'
M : 'you still have your crispy humor sense, dik..'
D : 'yes i am, i'm still corny.. like i was before..'

yeaaaaa you know.. first, i'm laughing on the phone.. and the tears came out by itself and i told Dika how i missed Dhimas so much.. it's hard for me to say that...
well, i gotta sleep.

bye allllllllll, munch munch !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

some reasons..

yea, kembali lagi gue mengisi blog yang agak susah diatur ini. bete banget, ngga ngerti mau masukin URL-nya shoutmix.
anyway, today is a little bit brighter than yesterday..isn't it? well, kalo engga bearti mata gue yang agak burem.
hari ini diawali dengan bangun tidur dengan mata yang agak bengkak (maklum, abis nangis *drool*), lalu sholat shubuh, dan tadinya mau balik lagi ngulet di tempat tidur tetapi malaikat lagi baik (aduh maap maap, astagpirulloh..) dan gue akhirnya stay awake sampe sekarang. hmmmm, awalnya ngga ada niatan buat online dari pc. tapi, melihat bokap lagi online (yaa..yaaa..yaa.. modem agak bermasalah tadi malam, jadi ditest lagi..) jadi ngiler ikutan online. mulai dari facebook, plurk (astagaaaaa... 40 plurks unread!), polyvore, lalu kembali ke blogger.
haduuuuuuh.. banyak account susah diaturnya -_-''
adalagi sih yang mau diceritain lagi.. tapi nantilah.. mau ke tanah abang sama nyokap..

bye all, munch munch !

Friday, March 20, 2009

folks of the day

hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. my first entry after being busy with midterm test. thanks God, i can passed it.
well, friday night. isn't it ? i just kinda sit and trying to be comfortable with everything and trying to be relax.. imagining in my head that tomorrow i will wake up and don't feel anything. i hope so :(
hmmm kangen yaaaaa sama ehem ehem.. i hope everything's fine..